Coaching Education


Level 1:

  • To hold the SAFA Introductory Coaching Certificate or an equivalent certificate approved by the SAFA Coaching Education Department.

Former professional players who have at least five (5) years playing experience in the national highest league are exempted from the Introductory Coaching Course but must acquaint themselves with the contents of the Introductory Coaching Course Manual before the start of the course.

  • To have coached a Senior or Junior Team since acquiring the Introductory Coaching Course certificate.
The Football Education Department was very busy during the past years since the appointment of Mr. Horst Kriete, former Safa Director of Coaching in 1997 till now.   In November and December 2004 the Coaching Education Department staff, namely Kenneth Kubheka (Manager), Fran Hilton-Smith (Instructor), Aboebaker Williams (Instructor) and Christina Phafane (Coaching Development Officer) have updated, revised and developed coaching courses to ensure that all aspects of the game are being addressed.


  • Mr. Kenneth “Conti” Kubheka – SAFA Coach Education Manager (CAF High Level, Dutch Instructors course, German A Licence. Former U23 National coach)
  •  Ms. Fran Hilton-Smith - SAFA Coach Education (FIFA Instructor, CAF High Level, former National Coach-Senior and U19 Women)
  • Mr. Aboobaker “Boebie” Williams - SAFA Coach Education (CAF High Level, Dutch Instructors course, German A Licence, FA Preliminary Former U17 and U20 National coach.)
  • Ms. Christina Phafane - Coaching Development Officer - SAFA Coach Education

The Football Education Department had to be the custodian of a coaching system that took into account all aspects of our objectives as an Association and by necessity had to consist of more than just a coaching development course.


It was therefore necessary for us to revisit the structure of the whole coaching department to ensure that its focus was not consumed by the development part of its mission.


We immediately restructured the department.  Simultaneously, the broad objectives of the department were articulated and the appropriate support systems put in place to achieve those objectives.  Such broad objectives include:


Specifying the Criteria for Selection to the Coaching Courses

Continue to train coaches at Introductory level

Continue to train coaches at Level One

Continue to train coaches at Level Two

Continue to train coaches at Level Three

Continue to train coaches on Youth training

Continue to train coaches as Instructors

Continue to train coaches as Goalkeeper trainers

Establish the NSL/PSL Coaches Forum

Establish the Congress of South African Football Academies

The Talent Identification System to be established by 2007

The Credentialing, Licensing and Validation of Coaches

Technical Analysis of International Match Reports

Provision of Technical Assistance to National Teams

Summary of Football Education Department Objectives

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