- July Coaching Events

The SAFA Coaching Education Department will be conducting a B License Coaching Course for Women from the 6th – 15th September 2014, Phase 1 in Johannesburg and Phase 2 in November 2014.

Entry requirements for the course are:

-          SAFA Introductory Coaching Certificate and should be actively involved

-          International coaching qualifications will only be considered if it is equivalent to official UEFA B Licence and approved by SAFA National Office.

Application requirements:

-          CV including all contact details – mobile number, fax, e-mail (maximum 2 pages)

-          Coaching Activity report with proof of last team/club/school coached (maximum 2 pages)

-          Copy of SAFA Introductory Certificate

-          Motivation letter from the Region (maximum 1 page)

-          One letter of reference (maximum 1 page)

-          Copy of Identity Document (maximum 1 page)

NB. Commitment Course fee of R1 000 is payable if the applicant is being accepted

      - Participants should make their own travelling arrangements

All interested coaches should send their applications by no later than 7th August 2014 for attention of Ms. Christina Phafane – Coaching Development Officer

Email: christina.phafane@safa.net

Fax no. 086 6807917

NB. Late and incomplete applications as well as applications exceeding 12 pages will not be considered.

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