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Draw for 2012 Zone VI Games


COSAFA logoThe football competitions at the Zone VI U20 Games will be run by the Council of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA), who will bring their 26 November 2012

Draw for 2012 Zone VI U20 Games
The draw has been made for the football competition at the 2012 Zone VI U20 Games to be staged in Lusaka, Zambia from December 7-16.

The Games will feature a 10-team men’s Under-17 competition and a four-team women’s Under-20 event that will serve as the Southern African championships in these age-groups for this year.

expertise to the event.

The men’s competition sees the 10 countries split into two groups of five teams.
Group A consists of hosts Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, and Seychelles, while Group B sees Angola, Namibia, Swaziland, Mauritius and Lesotho meet.

The matches will be played at the Nkoloma Stadium and Zanaco Sunset Stadium in Lusaka and kick-off on December 7. The top two teams in each pool advance to the semi-finals, to be played on December 14, with the third-place play-off scheduled for the following day.

The winning semi-finalists will meet in the decider on December 16 at Nkoloma Stadium from 15h00.

The women’s competition features hosts Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia and will be played in a single pool round-robin format.

The semi-finals feature the team that finishes first in the pool take on the third placed side in the semi-finals, while second meets fourth. The third-place play-off will be played on December 14, with the final scheduled for the Nkoloma Stadium on December 16.


The fixtures for the men’s Under-17 competition at the 2012 Zone VI Games:

1. Zambia vs. Botswana A 07.12.12 10h00 Nkoloma
2. Angola vs. Namibia B 07.12.12 10h00 Zanaco Sunset
3. South Africa vs. Malawi A 07.12.12 12h30 Zanaco Sunset
4. Swaziland vs. Mauritius B 07.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset
5. Botswana vs. South Africa A 08.12.12 14h00 Nkoloma
6. Seychelles vs. Zambia A 08.12.12 17h00 Nkoloma
7. Namibia vs. Swaziland B 08.12.12 11h00 Zanaco Sunset
8. Lesotho vs. Angola B 08.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset
9. Malawi vs. Seychelles A 09.12.12 11h00 Zanaco Sunset
10. Mauritius vs. Lesotho B 09.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset
11. Namibia vs. Mauritius B 10.12.12 14h00 Nkoloma
12. Zambia vs. South Africa A 10.12.12 17h00 Nkoloma
13. Botswana vs. Malawi A 10.12.12 11h00 Zanaco Sunset
14. Angola vs. Swaziland B 10.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset
15. Lesotho vs. Namibia B 11.12.12 14h00 Nkoloma
16. Seychelles vs. Botswana A 11.12.12 17h00 Nkoloma
17. Swaziland vs. Lesotho B 12.12.12 11h00 Nkoloma
18. South Africa vs. Seychelles A 12.12.12 15h00 Nkoloma
19. Angola vs. Mauritius B 12.12.12 11h00 Zanaco Sunset
20. Zambia vs. Malawi A 12.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset

21. 1st Group A vs. 2nd Group B 14.12.12 13h00 Nkoloma
22. 1st Group B vs. 2nd Group A 14.12.12 16h00 Nkoloma

23. Loser 21 vs. Loser 22 15.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset

24. Winner 21 vs. Winner 22 16.12.12 14h30 Nkoloma


The fixtures for the women’s Under-20 competition at the 2012 Zone VI Games:

1. Zimbabwe vs. Namibia A 07.12.12 13h00 Nkoloma
2. Zambia vs. South Africa A 07.12.12 20h00 Nkoloma
3. South Africa vs. Namibia A 09.12.12 15h00 Nkoloma
4. Zambia vs. Zimbabwe A 09.12.12 18h00 Nkoloma
5. Zimbabwe vs. South Africa A 11.12.12 13h00 Zanaco Sunset
6. Namibia vs. Zambia A 11.12.12 16h00 Zanaco Sunset

7. 1st vs. 3rd 13.12.12 11h00 Zanaco Sunset
8. 2nd vs. 4th 13.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset

9. Loser 7 vs. Loser 8 14.12.12 15h00 Zanaco Sunset

10. Winner 7 vs. Winner 8 16.12.12 11h00 Nkoloma

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