Agents Currently Accredited by SAFA

Michael Makaab
(internationally accredited)
Tel: (011) 706 1108
Fax: (011) 706 6840
Thamsanqa Xulu
(internationally accredited )

Tel (011) 318 1401
Fax (011) 318 958

Tel/fax: (011) 803 7125
Mobile: 082406 2936
Tel: (031) 209 3071
Fax: (031) 209 9557
Mobile: 083799 3071
Khalied Allie
Tel: (021) 671 0240
Fax: (021) 674 0136
Mobile: 082453 4855
Tel: (011) 793 3873
Fax: 086517 0638
Mobile: 076224 0950

In view of the above and in order to avoid unnecessary administrative work, please provide us with the following information by March14, 2008 :

  1. Whether your association intends to conduct this examination.
  2. Indicate in which of the four languages you would like to receive the questionnaire.
  3. Secure fax number to which you wish the questions to be sent.

The examination material will consist of the following documents:

  • FIFA Statutes, in force since 1 August 2007.
  • Regulations governing the application of the FIFA Statutes.
  • FIFA Regulations on the on the status and transfer of players, edition 2008, including the Annexes (1 to 6)
  • FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations, edition 2008, including the Annexes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Rules governing the procedures of the players’ status committee and the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC)
  • FIFA Disciplinary Code, first title: Chapter I, section 1 to 6 and Chapter II, section 8
  • Circulars and any annexes as follows:

    • No. 792: Coordinated International Match Calendar.
    • No. 901: Eligibility to play for national teams.
    • No. 1085: FIFA Regulations for the status and transfer of players.
    • No. 1093: Eligibility to play for association teams.
    • No. 1125: Revised FIFA players’ Agent regulations.
    • No. 1130: Revised regulations on the status and transfer of players, edition 2008

The above circulars as well as the other examination material can be accessed and downloaded from FIFA’s official website,

Evidently, the above list only refers to the subject matter for questions regarding international regulations. Candidates must also study the relevant national regulations, as indicated by the association concerned.

Please also be reminded that each association is required to set five question of it’s own on national subjects and that such questions shall be set as multiple choice test (cf. art. 8 par. 4, par. 6 and par. 7 of the regulations). FIFA has sole authority to set questions relating to international subjects. All associations are therefore strictly forbidden from setting their own questions relating to international subjects. In the event of any violation in this regard, FIFA will not recognise the examination results from the association(s) concerned, therefore rendering invalid all players’ agents licenses that are awarded as a result of the respective examinations.

With coming to force with the revised regulations (edition 2008), we would like to inform you of certain changes adopted as regards to the weighting of questions which apply to both national and international questions.









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